What is Sandbox Gaming?

We are a non-profit organization in Newfoundland, Canada. We have three objectives, all of which focus on gaming and community. The objectives are:

1) To raise money for children’s charities that promote play and development.

2) To have a gaming community in Newfoundland.

3) To dispel stereotypes about gamers.

So do you only play Sandbox Games? Why did you pick the name?

No. We play video games of all different sorts. We picked the name Sandbox Gaming because sandbox games have unlimited potential and ideas, and that’s what we’re all about at SBG.

I’m good at games. Can I play a game at your next marathon?

You can play at our next marathon, except you have to get involved first. While we appreciate everyone wants to play games, our on-stream (on-air) gamers are ones that come to regular meetings and help out with the organization. These folks help plan, and also practice their games to get them down to a certain amount of time to fit our marathon schedule.

How do I get involved? What levels of commitment are available?

The best way to get involved is to attend our monthly meetings, which happen on the first Wednesday of the month at 5:30PM at Memorial University Engineering Room 4008 (these meetings are currently online as per our COVID-19 protocols). There are three different levels of commitment. Volunteer – You can just help out with events and come to meetings when you have the chance. More of a casual position when you have the time. Committee member – This is a step up from the volunteer level and has a lot more responsibilities, such as attending weekly meetings, volunteering during at least every second event, and helping with the overall planning of such events. To apply to be a committee member, you have to have been involved with the organization for a few months and have helped with a couple of events. You send an application to the board of directors at Board Member – The highest level of involvement. There is a cap of 9 board members. Board members are in charge of the organization, its finances, and all final decisions on its operations. They are heavily involved in every aspect of the organization. If a board position opens, a committee member may run for the position and the election is based on votes by the current remaining board members.

How old do I have to be?

In order to volunteer, you have to be 16. In order to apply for a committee position, you have to be 18. In order to apply for a position on the board of directors, you have to be 19.

How do your marathons work?

We have two 75-hour charity marathons a year. All proceeds of these marathons go towards our Charity Fund for that year. The charities are announced months before the marathon starts. The marathon is streamed online, meaning you can watch the games being played, as well as a camera of the gamers playing them, all on our website. There is also an option to chat with us, and of course, donate. During the marathon, we usually play through a long list of games from various franchises. Our goal is to provide entertainment both through the games being played and our commentary on screen.

What are your Spring and Fall events?

Our spring and fall events fulfill the second objective of the organization, which is to build a gaming community in Newfoundland. During these days, for a fee, people can come in and participate in a variety of gaming tournaments. On top of that, we have various gaming stations set up for casual play, meaning you can just sit down and play. The games can be anything from Mario Kart to Super Smash Bros; Rock Band to Dance Dance Revolution; Call of Duty to Halo, and the list goes on. These games days provide an opportunity for gamers to socialize over a like-minded interest. Proceeds for these days go to both the charity fund and our organization to help with operation costs, such as postering, advertising, new video games, streaming equipment, televisions, and so on that are used during any of our events.

How can I donate?

During our marathons, there will be a button available on our home page to donate to the Charity Fund for the year. If you want to donate to the organization and our organizational costs, you can do so at our public events. During the marathons, we ONLY accept donations to our Charity Fund—we don’t want to take away from the awesome causes we are supporting. However, as a non-profit we are unable to give a charitable tax receipt.

Will you do a charity marathon for our organization?

Our marathon motto is “we play so they can play.” If your charity supports children or youth, and encourages play or development in some capacity and is in Newfoundland and Labrador, you can apply for our charity fund. We accept applications yearly in January. Email for more information.