Sarah Boyd


Sarah joined Sandbox Gaming in 2011 and became President in 2018. She is a medical student at Memorial University and did a Master's degree in Clinical Epidemiology. In her spare time Sarah likes hanging out with her cats.

Kate Peterson


Kate has been volunteering with Sandbox Gaming since 2016 and became a board member in 2018. They are a Computer Science student by day, hoping to make a career in the gaming industry. By night they enjoy drawing, making music, science fiction, and of course playing video games.

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James Reid

James is a Memorial University graduate with a Bachelors in Communication Studies, and additional studies in film and theatre. When he's not watching/playing an excessive amount of shows and games, he likes to get involved with various organizations and take on new experiences. He is particularly interested in gaming, communications, media, journalism, television, and film.

Johnny Bugden

Johnny was elected onto the board of directors in 2018 and is the local tech support of Sandbox Gaming. All marathon streaming you see is thanks to him! Johnny is doing computer systems and networking at the College of the North Atlantic and is the former President of Smash Newfoundland and Labrador and currently one of the head tournament organizers.

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Krystal Bursey


Krystal is currently completing a Masters degree in Psychology with the hopes that in the future she will become a psychiatrist. When she’s not busy with school, she likes to volunteer, exercise, play video games, and read.

Thomas Rahal


An Ecology and Conservation Biology Honours student at Memorial University, Thomas loves the great outdoors and the ecology throughout it. Exploring new environments and experiences is a passion for him, liking to play games, read, and hike in his off-time.

Nicole Newhook

Nicole has been a member of Sandbox Gaming since July 2016. She recently joined the board of directors in March 2018. Nicole loves board games and volunteering. She is a Bachelor of Science student at Memorial University majoring in Chemistry. Nicole is also a piano teacher with New Wave Music in Paradise, NL.

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It is impossible to even begin to thank all the people who have made our organization what it is. We would like to send out a big thanks to our committee members.

Emily Learning, Clint Gould, Nathaniel Leon, Garreth McGrath, Dylan Hardy, James Lau, Jeff Snow

Another big thanks to our countless volunteers and supporters, who we could not even begin to fathom how we would survive without.


Individuals who have put great effort into Sandbox Gaming and are the living embodiment of its beliefs, but are unable to help out in a regular capacity.

John Michael Bennett, Jeff Smyth, Trish Thompson, Matt Cook, David Maher, Jillian Thistle, Nicholas Boyd, Sarah Butt, Rachel Frederick and Brenn Moore


Previous members who have taken the time to serve on our Board of Directors, which takes on the leadership of the organization and donates countless hours of volunteer work each week: 

Scott Whelan, Donald MacFadzen-Reid, Robyn Hillier, Megan Brushett, David Maher, Jillian Thistle, Nicholas Boyd, Anthony Leonard, Stephanie King, Trish Thompson, Matt Cook, John Michael Bennett, Rachel Fredrick, Sarah Butt, Jeff Smyth, Trish Thompson, Ashley Q, Melanie Collins

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