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Annual Charity Fund


Sandbox Gaming was founded in 2010 as a fundraising group for local children's charities. We strongly believe in supporting charities that help promote play and development for children and youth.

There are so many charity organizations in Newfoundland & Labrador doing incredible work in our community - hosting valuable programs and offering essential services with very limited funding.


The Sandbox Gaming Charity Fund was established in 2016 to financially support as many of these well-deserving organizations as we can.

Origin Story

In all our actions, Sandbox Gaming collects donations for the Charity Fund - including:

  • A portion of proceeds from our Carnivals & other in-person events

  • 100% of donations from Summer & Winter Marathon Livestreams

  • 100% of direct donations from other live streams & online events

Fundraising Activities

At the end of the year, the results of our efforts are donated directly to that year's recipient charities, helping bolster their amazing programs for children & youth in our province.

** Note that as we are a non-profit organization, not a Charity, we are unable to provide official Charity Receipts for tax purposes. If this is a barrier to your donation to our fund, please consider donating directly to any of our linked charities in lieu of donating to us. They are all deserving of your support, even if we don't get the credit! ;)

2023 Charity Fund Recipients

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Camp Eclipse

Camp Eclipse: OUT in the Woods is a four-day leadership retreat for 2SLGBTQIA+ youth and their allies from across Newfoundland and Labrador. The program is run annually by Planned Parenthood - NL Sexual Health Centre.

​Through their participation in a variety of workshops and activities, campers, youth leaders, and mentors develop and enhance their leadership skills and their knowledge of 2SLGBTQIA+ history, activism, sexual health, healthy coping strategies, and so on. The nature of the workshops, facilitated by the mentors and youth leaders, varies from year to year, while maintaining a focus on leadership, personal growth, activism, and advocacy.

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Easter Seals NL

Sandbox Gaming has a successful long-running relationship with Easter Seals NL. Thanks to our our ongoing partnership, we are able to host our marathons and other events at their incredible facility. We are grateful to have this relationship with a charity whose values so clearly reflect our own.

Easter Seals NL has developed life-changing programs and resources for persons with disabilities with the intention of engaging, inspiring, and empowering. By use of these facilities, Easter Seals hopes to create a world where persons with disabilities are able to live a full, active, and healthy life.

The programs developed by Easter Seals strive to give persons with disabilities an environment where they are able to fully and accessibly participate in sports and other events. The programs are designed to give children and youth the opportunity to fulfill dreams they never thought possible. Easter Seals believes that with the right amenities and approach, there is nothing that a person with a disability cannot accomplish.

Children and youth who have had the opportunity to experience the Easter Seals programs have demonstrated improvements in social skills, self esteem, and physical strength and abilities. The programs are specifically fitted to each individual need, and thereby provide conceivable growth of their sense of ability and their confidence.

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REAL Program

The REAL Program aims to provide support for youth in our community who, due to financial barriers, are unable to participate in registered recreation and leisure activities. They believe that these kinds of activities should be accessible to every child, regardless of their situation in life.

The list of ways these activities benefit their participants is endless: it supports personal development and growth, promotes living an active and healthy lifestyle, boosts their self-esteem, and gives them the opportunity to make friends and develop social skills. The REAL Program aims make sure that every child has an opportunity to play and grow.

Past Charity Recipients

Is your charity interested in being a recipient for our charity fund? Each year's charities are selected from the applicants by a vote of the Board of Directors. 


Applications are accepted beginning in Early January of each year. Funds will be dispensed the following December, shortly after our final event of the calendar year. No reporting required.


Some criteria assessed in an application may include:

  • A visible commitment to supporting play and development for children and/or youth.

  • Demonstrated need the charity funds will meet.

  • Specificity as to what programs or services these funds will support.

  • No connection to gaming needed! (Though appreciated!)

Sorry, but only registered Charitable organizations or other Qualified Donees are eligible for selection.

Contact us via email to get an application form, or to be notified when applications are next open.

How to Apply

Funding amounts are subject to change year to year based on donor generosity. We do commit to trying our hardest with our volunteer team to do the best we can for your organization!

For reference, the most recent charity fund totals are as follows:

  • 2021 - $20k
    (our highest grossing year yet!)

  • 2020 - $11k

  • 2019 - $14k

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